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Here is a sneak peek into Wolf's Den Pottery's Studio.

I hope you enjoy learning about and seeing the process in action for making my functional pottery.

Click on the pictures to see a close-up view.

Finished Juice Cup :: The Final Product
Here's a sample of Amanda Wolf's finished pottery.

Where It All Starts :: Amanda Wolf at Work on the Throwing Wheel
Most pieces start out on the potter's wheel. Each creation is centered, pulled up and shaped to the desired form.
Another Visit to the Potter's Wheel :: Each Piece Is Hand Trimmed and Smoothed
After the piece has dried a bit to leather hard, it is put back onto the wheel to trim and smooth the bottom or foot.
Patience is a Virtue for the Artist :: Amanda Wolf Hand Painting and Decorating
Each piece is painted by hand with a black slip, then fired to 1915 degrees F.

The Process Continues :: Amanda Wolf Hand Layers More Glazes
After the bisque firing, the decoration continues with layered glazes.

Answering to a Higher Authority :: Wolf's Den CEO Oversees the Artist Dipping Pottery In Glaze
After the decoration is complete, each piece is dipped into a clear or colored glaze, then it's back into the kiln for the final firing.
It's All Worth It :: Amanda Wolf Unloads Final Product From Kiln
The glaze firing is cone 6 which is 2250 degrees F.

"Wolf's Den Pottery - Nature Inspired Functional Pottery"
Handmade - Dishwasher & Microwave Safe

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Welcome Wolf's Den Pottery

Each piece is handmade, and our pottery is Microwave and Dishwasher Safe. Amanda Wolf's stylistic creations bring the beauty of nature into your home. The hand-painted surfaces have an expressive quality, so like snowflakes, each one is slightly different.